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MufassaJellybean's News

Posted by MufassaJellybean - May 13th, 2014

I want to know what the user NG peoples are using as a chat room is


Posted by MufassaJellybean - May 13th, 2014

What the fuck happened to the Newgrounds chat!?

Posted by MufassaJellybean - March 3rd, 2014

So I have a debate coming up for my AP Language class and my teacher is forcing me to support a topic I am strongly against. My teacher is a very clever man and this is graded so I can't just half ass it and hope it comes out okay. I was hoping maybe you guys could give me some decent talking points on the subject. The topic that phones should be subsidized for all people on financial aid in the United States and they should be allowed to upgrade these phones for better phones such as iPhones androids and shit like that. If you're wondering why I don't agree allow me to explain. While I do agree that we should subsidize phones for Americans on welfare for emergency reasons and maybe a few recreational uses I don't agree with people on welfare bring allowed to upgrade these phones for things like iPhones. I'm not ashamed to say that I myself am pretty poor, however I payed full price for my iPhone and whenever I find that I can't afford it I deactivate it and switch to my prepaid phone which I pay for without help. Not to mention that this extension of this bill, which is what allows for these upgrades, costs the United States approximately 2.5 billion dollars a year. I'm sum urge I could come up with more arguments against it but right now I'm looking for arguments FOR it, so if anyone could help that's be great. Please make sure that you're arguments supporting this are LOGICAL. I can think of a shit ton of uneducated things to say in support if this trash by myself, thank you. 

Posted by MufassaJellybean - June 8th, 2013

Every time I get on this damn website one of you horny ass mother fuckers messages me wanting me to talk dirty to you bitches. I DO have a LIFE, people! I don't just spend all of my time fucking and talking dirty to people! Or watching porn! I like to read, write and watch TV! Sometimes I go outside and fish and smell the roses! I like to debate about moral dilemmas and philosophy damn it! I like to eat cheese! So god damn it, people! Stop fucking messaging me, you fuck tards! I will not suck you penis!

Posted by MufassaJellybean - June 8th, 2013

So I just thought of this, but if I randomly for no apparent reason posted my password on one of these bloggy thingys, what would you guys do? If you hacked me, would you humiliate me and how? I just think to know how would be amusing.

Posted by MufassaJellybean - March 30th, 2013

Oh, what? You wanted something more? I'm sorry.

Posted by MufassaJellybean - June 18th, 2012

Ha...I hope no one notices that I just totally changed my age onn this page but in case they did the age up there now is actually the truth. The other one was a lie cuz it was bothering that there are a lot of twenty and thirty years olds on here(nerds). Oh, and has anyone noticed there is so many sad faces up there on this blog thing. SO many.

Posted by MufassaJellybean - November 10th, 2011

Creepy, spooky, nightmare starting games. Not zombie shooting games. Not monster or pokemon killing games. Creepy. The ones that make you want to run crying and sobbing to your mother. I'm addicted to them all. Hood, Alice is Dead, Foreign Creature, Time Fcuk, Binding of Isaac, Loved, Colour my dreams, Shitty Fucking art game, One chance, K.O.L.M., Apples in the Tree, and some game with ponies....Not all of them are neccasarily creepy but they all have that bit about them that makes you want to whine "eeeeeeeehhh!" I love every single one and I also like the flash movies that are creepy too. Sacrifice Alice, Ghosteater, Bear Hello, Puppy Whirl, Red riding hood, F E A R, and The man who could sit anywhere (lololololololol). All with the same quality. And I can't find anymore. I'm freakin' out here. I neeeed more. They give me something to daydream about later. So if you know any that I don't know about PULEAZE post it.

Posted by MufassaJellybean - September 4th, 2011

Newgrounds has to have every parody of anything ever made in this world from hentai to innocent music videos. So why are two of the greatest things I've ever read and seen, ever, excluded from the beauty of newgrounds parody making. I mean, we have star wars, smash bros, troll, bleach, naruto, and anything that is even remotely popular. Except for a noted two. Gun X Sword & Skulduggery Pleasant. Both of which are suitable as hentai and could even pass as innocent music videos and so much more as far as parodies go. Almost everyone in Europe like Skulduggery Pleasant so I can't see why it hasn't been introduced to newgrounds yet. Gun X Sword is a new obsession of mine so I don't know much about it as far as how popular it is but I've seen some subtle hints of people converting it to hentai if it isn't one already. It's hard to tell but I think the show may be leading up to that....But anyways, it'd probalbly make a nice little addition to the already infinite archive of games and parodies of newgrounds. So that's my new project. It probably won't end well but it's worth a try. Time to do more research....*sigh*

Everything but...

Posted by MufassaJellybean - August 10th, 2011

Don't ever watch Jennifer's body while trying to prevent yourself from watching porn. It just tempts you and tempts you in a really sick horror film kind of way.