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Wow, you have to support this? Man, that sucks. This is a tough one.

Well looks like you got the easy one out of the way, for ppl on welfare to have cell phone access in case of emergencies.

Maybe you could argue that people who are unemployed could be able to afford a cell phone which can allow them to set up job interviews and find jobs better.

Umm.... The advantage of letting them upgrade it to an iphone... Internet access? Possible job opportunities on it, like.. i dunno.

There's the argument that having a cell phone is a necessity and going off of that you can say that people on welfare would benefit from this service being subsidized because they would have more money to spend on other neccessities, like food and clothes and education(like college).

Well I spent for ideas. Sucks that you have to support this argument, but school is always going to suck like that. I agree with you that phones aren't much of a necessity though.

Good luck, and hope you survive school!

Hey thanks for the help. I hadn't thought about those points and I think they'll get me through it one way or the other. And yeah the point of it is, is to get us out of a one track thinking , which I can do, but with issues like welfare I'm a lot less inclined to do so seeing as I myself am poor and am on no form if welfare. So I especially don't appreciate it when people abuse the system like in cases such as this one. Bit I do think your points with work so thanks for that.

Hope the debate went well. Myself, I always present all points of view on a job, whether I like them or not. I feel it's an obligation to play devil's advocate, just so all options were considered, before the work is invested.

"A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage" was last century's popular pitch. Now it's just blatant hand-outs? Too much socialism, not enough community.