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The animation and quality and what not was fabulous and I love the short erotica you wrote along with it.

Hahaha Okay I feel like this is Jesus's way to tell me to get a life and stop watching porn.

Ahahahahahahahahahaha. I tried yo mute it so that I cold leave the game on while I played something else and a troll face popped up and unmuted it. The music even got louder. I also saw frylock from aqua team hunger force.

I absolutely loved the music and with headphones on it made the game almost terrifying. Really excellent work with this.

Very nice. Very nice.

Uhhhh I don't wanna rate this poorly because it's probably not your fault but the movement is severly glitchy. Like just plain fucked up. I don't think it's suppoesed to be that way.....I think...If it's not , I just thought you should know.


After several replays of this game and it is still entertaing. Simple enough to not take years to finish but enough of a challenge to want to continue playing it. A bit hard to find all of the mushrooms, switches, boxes, and such and a bit annoying to get through the invisible tunnels sometimes but overall it was excellent.

Very nice...Very nice

A nice sequel to the first. Makes it a bit more mysterious and not as innocent as the the first. The graphics and music were fantastic and all the add ins completely benefited the game in every way. I liked the new method of flying and the easier to see hidden passages. It forever to find all of the items but it was far easier than it was in the previous game. I have yet to find a fault within this game so far. It was brilliant.

Hardly funny

I get the joke. It's making fun of art games and how they work and what not but this wasn't really that funny. Nice try though, that's why you get a two.

That was kinda lame

Creative I guess but hardly any true game play and no risk involved in the game. Really rather boring. And there was to much slow walking back and forth involved, it just got annoying after a while.

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